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Broad experience in the restaurant and hospitality industry has taught us that the best brands nourish mind, body and spirit. So it is with ZOFI Kombucha, the deliciously satisfying and healthful sparkling fermented elixer that pairs spectacularly with any dining option. Life choices have made it clear that alcoholic beverages need not be the only sophisticated drinks served in restaurants and hotels. That’s why we created ZOFI Kombucha. With doing right by people as our priority, ZOFI is formulated with certified organic ingredients for stability and bio-availability. This premium, delightfully effervescent elixir is low in sugar and calories, but high in pleasure to your pallet.

Learn about the history of kombucha
ZOFI Kombucha – Luv Potion 1 and Luv Potion 9

The history of Kombucha

Fermented Kombucha tea has a long history originating 5000 years ago in China where it was traditionally considered as an energizing and detoxifying herbal elixir.; With the increasing popularity of Kombucha, research scientists have pointed out numerous health benefits related to more than 700 phytocompounds. Especially, antioxidant activity has been related to the variety and amounts of polyphenols. The process of Kombucha was first introduced to the United States approximately 20 years ago.

Discovery the benefits of Kombucha

The benefits alone,
are worth a cheer.

The benefits of Kombucha

We have scientifically and creatively formulated ZOFI Kombucha Elixir, inspired by utilizing an ancestral fermentation process. We have developed this healthful product by using a proprietary patented fermentation process that provides a synergy of bioavailable nutrients without using any preservatives, coloring or anything unnatural.

Natural Source of Anti-oxidants, Natural Energy, Detoxifying, Digestion, Anti-Inflammatory, Anti Bacterial, Bioavailable Nutrients.

Read about kombucha in the news
Luv Potion 1

Luv Potion 1


Ingredients: Water, Organic Evaporated Cane Sugar, Organic Kombucha, Organic Black Tea

Luv Potion 9

Luv Potion 9

Strawberry - Lemon - Vanilla

Ingredients: Water, Organic Evaporated Cane Sugar, Organic Kombucha, Organic Black Tea, Natural Flavors

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Kombucha in the news

The New York Times and Miami Herald have highlighted the beverage and its uses, suggesting that kombucha consumption can reduce blood pressure, relieve arthritis, increase the immune response and cure cancer. The final product is a slightly carbonated, acidic beverage comprised of sugars, organic acids, tea components, vitamins, and minerals – resembling cider.

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Christopher Turner - Founder and owner of ZOFI Kombucha

Christopher Turner
Founder & Chef

A chief by day, a chef by night.

As a professionally trained chef and entrepreneur, Christopher has more than 25 years in the food and beverage industry. He brings detailed experience in building, managing, operating and consulting multiple multi-million dollar establishments, primarily in the highly competitive restaurant, hotel and catering industry. Christopher is highly passionate about sourcing and developing delicious and premium foods. He considers himself primarily a culinary expert and has a desire to create delicious and nutritious foods for the public.

Christopher attended Johnson & Wales University for Culinary Arts and The University of Maryland for Business Management. He also is a veteran of the United States Air Force and served in support and defense of the Gulf War.

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